Monday, November 5, 2012

Change of plans.....

Ever have a day totally planned and then the last second it all changes?  That was my day yesterday.  I have been preparing and almost salivating over spending a lazy Sunday sitting behind my sewing machine watching every sappy chick flick I could find.  I had my fabric pressed and folded.. petted it a few times during the week knowing that soon I was going to cut into it and turn it into a new creation.  My husband's brother was coming to town and they were leaving early in the morning to go the Washington Redskins game.. I just couldn't wait for those precious hours of bliss.  And then Saturday happened.. I got the call from my daughter and her sitter is sick.... dun dun dun.....   Well of course I am going to trade my day.. my one Sunday.. the day I had planned for for the last 10 days... for a day with my grandson.  :)  I am trying to not make the mistakes my mother in law did...  when my children were little she never.. ever.. ever.. ever getting back together.....  oh wait... sorry, that's a Taylor Swift song.. hahaha..   she never babysat my children.. not once.  She lived a mile away but she was so busy with her own life that she only saw her grandchildren on their birthdays.. a holiday.. or if a relative was visiting.  Now mind you.. I wasn't looking for a babysitter.. I was a stay at home mom, I couldn't afford daycare for three kids ages 2, 3, and 4.  I just wanted her to spend a little time with them getting to know them.. I remember one time getting into a "discussion" with her about it...  I told her that the kids are little now and they have nothing but time... a day will come when the tables will turn and you will want to spend time with them but they will be too busy.  My neighbors knew more about my kids they she did.  Totally sad.. but the day did come... she would want to visit when they were in high school and I would have to force them to be here to see her... they didn't want to.   They love their grandmother because she's Grandma.. but they know nothing about her.. she has never shared her life with them..  they don't know any old family stories.. not even a family recipe.  I'm not going to fault her.. she is who she is... and that ship has sailed..  but I know that I want my grandchildren to KNOW me and have memories of the days we spent together.. to know about my family... and yes, I'll even give them a family recipe.. hahaha.  Enjoy your family.. and give them memories.. it's all we have to leave when we are gone.

Your friend,

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