Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kalee's first quilt....

The day has finally arrived that I have waited for since the first day I had a daughter.. I have 2 now but my youngest daughter called me last week and asked me to help her make some quilts.. umm.. YEAH!  She is getting married in May and she wants to make 3 quilts.. one for her sister the maid of honor and one for each of the mothers.  Since she's never sewn before this will be an experience but I'm so excited to be making it with her.. she is going to start with the grooms mothers quilt...  we decided to make it as easy as possible and I don't want to burn her out or get her so frustrated that she never wants to quilt again so we decided on a snowball quilt..  she has always liked the one I made (pictured below) so it's a great start.. Super easy... as far as quilts go.
  So last night she came over.. I made Chicken Tortilla Soup and we got to cutting.  She got all the center squares cut as we laughed, chatted and ate Hostess cupcakes...  I hear the company may be going bankrupt so we had to do our part to help them out  :)  haha...  I forgot to get a picture of her working on her first quilt but I will amend that when she comes back tomorrow to cut some more..  so far she's not having fun.. lol.. she is her mothers daughter.. I hate cutting out quilt pieces too but once that's done the magic begins.  The one for me she isn't sure what she is going to do because she doesn't want me to see... I guess we can figure that out after she completes the first two.  I really can't tell you how excited I am... I wish my oldest daughter lived closer because I know she would love to be working on this with us but she is so busy being a wife, mother, working full time plus going to nursing school full time..  she is always so tired.  One day hopefully we can all 3 be quilting together...  a mother can dream :)

I'm off to clean and start working on my new sewing room..  I have a whole new motivation now to make a space workable for multiple sewing sessions...  The only issue is that it is across the street in a condo we own that currently is in a condemned building because the top two floors were burned in a fire in September.  The insurance companies are still squabbling over who is paying for the repairs since it started in an individual unit so as of yet not a thing is being done.  The power has been cut until the building can be rewired since they were soaked by the water used to put out the fire, but nothing can be done until the insurance companies figure it out and then the city has to approve the building as habitable before anyone can live in the building..  such a mess.  In the meantime by the light of day I am going to set up my sewing room so when it is finally done..  so am I!

Have a great day my friends!

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  1. that's great she is wanting to quilt, but 3 of them, I'd say she will be a busy girl!That's horrible the ins. company is dragging their feet, they always want the $$ on time but when there is a claim, different story, UGH!