Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I'm a soccer mom.. again

I took Little Bird to his first soccer practice last night.  What a trip.  When my oldest daughter was 8 she started playing soccer on a select team which meant practice twice a week and traveling somewhere nearly every Sunday for a game... indoors during the winter... it never ended.   She played  until her junior year in high school and then she decided to quit because she wanted to spend time with her friends rather then play soccer every day.  WHAT?!?  I was devastated.   What was I to do??.. I was a soccer mom!! (I was also a horse, baseball, football and wrestling mom but that with with other two children)..  I sent her to her room and grounded her for life!  Funny thing is that I was serious at the time.. she and I still laugh about it now but soccer was her (my) life.. she couldn't just decide to stop without consulting me.   Now, I'm there at the field but I'm on the outside.  I'm Little Bird's Grammy so I don't really fit in.  I'm okay with it because I'm here for him not them.. I've had my days of glory when I was part of the "in" crowd.. bringing the snacks, car rides, worked the concession stand.. always had my hand up.   I was watching the new soccer moms more than the kids last night.  They are so proud.. chests puffed out.. look at my little Johnny and Susie..   I remember those days.  Never missed a game or a practice unless I was trying to catch a soccer/baseball/horse show all held at the same time... I raced around town dropping everyone off then raced around trying to catch a little of each sport.. then raced around picking them all up.  I wouldn't have changed a thing but that was 15+ years ago..  this Old Crow is tired.  It does make me sad for Little Bird because even though I am extremely proud of him I know there won't be shared playdates and car rides with the other moms.. I get it..  looking back I remember seeing children at events with their grandparents and I never thought to include them.  I always felt sad for the child but I never looked at the grandparent as a person.  Karma :)   So, I will participate and help where needed but my chest is starting to droop and my feathers aren't as full so for now I'll be sitting on the sidelines under my umbrella cheering on MY Johnny.


  1. I look back too and realize all of the missed opportunities I had. We didn't know any better. I would sit beside you!

  2. What a good point - I never thought about how the grand-mom wouldn't fit. And boy, oh boy, do I ever NOT miss all those practices and Saturday games and weekend softball tournaments. :)

    Good luck with your sitting on the outside and observing. That's my favorite place to sit.