Friday, June 10, 2016

Where oh where did all my friends go....

I noticed most of the blogs I followed when I quit posting on here in 2012 seem to have stopped blogging as well.  Did we all go to FB?  I know I am friends with some of them on there but it seems that in 2012-2013 we all did a mass exodus from blogging.  I'll admit that it is much easier to chat on FB but we never seemed to have the camaraderie that we shared here on the blogs.  This isn't the blog I used most, I had 4 going on different subjects but the one I posted on nearly daily for 3 years seems to have disappeared so this will be my outlet from now on.  Back then I was an empty nester living on a farm in the middle of nowhere.. I was an hour away from all 3 of my children and unless I left our land I wouldn't see a single person so blogging became an outlet when my husband traveled to keep me connected with the outside world.  Now we live in the city where 2 of my children live and we have a 4 year old grandson living with us so I'll be lucky to have the energy to maintain one blog.. lol.

I've started couponing again too.  Back in 2011 when Extreme Couponing came on the scene it totally ruined how the average person could coupon.  When my children were little and we were broke I used coupons.. I would study the ads and make a menu based off the sales and the coupons that I had.   Now you have to buy 32 papers and clear off a shelf and divide your checkout into 14 transactions costing 25 cents each and have a basement full of stock.. then the grocery stores started limiting how many coupons you can use and how many products and how many times you could do it in a day.  I got totally wrapped up in the show and started to stockpile..  I haven't had to buy shampoo/conditioner in 5 years, I finally had to start buying toothpaste and laundry detergent last year but I'm still working on my old stockpile.  No one needs that much.  It was just crazy.. I've moved 3 times and had to move the crap every time.   I think I'll stick with my old ways and just buy what I need and is on sale.  I use to be one of those moms that if I didn't have a coupon you couldn't get it.. but back then it was out of necessity..  if I could afford a pack of Oreos at the end it was a special treat and my husband and I would eat the whole pack on a Saturday night playing Scrabble while the children slept.  Ha..  We still love Oreos because it reminds us of how tough it use to be and could be again with poor planning..  be humble!


  1. I used to coupon out of necessity too! I cannot do it like people do now. I go to the store and see people with BINDERS full of coupons. that is crazy!

  2. I did that for a couple years with the binders.. I had stuff crammed in every nook and cranny in my house. I don't know how much I saved because I was buying stuff I didn't even use just because it was a "deal". I'm trying to be smarter now and go back the simple rules. Although... my first trip out a couple days ago I did buy 7 bottles of laundry detergent for .49 cents a bottle and 6 tubes of toothpaste for .75 cents. I will stock up on the stuff I use if I can get it for 25% or less but I won't be buying just to buy.